Why Buy Kundel?

While the competition makes their boxes all the same way; using standard tube steel, stitch & plug welded which results in a heavy, weak, cheaply made box that will slow you down & fall apart over the long term, only Kundel custom bends all parts & continuously welds all seams. This method results in a box that is designed to last, & make you more productive.

Anyone can make & market a cheap product, but only Kundel truly goes the extra mile to build in the features that make the contractor more productive. The result is you get more pipe in the ground faster, making you more money.   Our box's productivity pay for any small extra cost very quickly.

Don't be fooled by a low sale price alone.  Get the right tool for the job & be more productive... 

We'll help keep the trench, & OSHA... off your back!