Vanguard Drive Panel Box

Got utilities everywhere in every direction?

You've really got just a few choices;  you can wing it & hope you don't have a trench collapse or a visit from OSHA...

Or you can use wood lagging & hydraulic pumps shoring, (which we make & sell; see the "TrenchShore" page) but this is very time consuming & not the most productive way.

 Or you can get your hands on a Kundel Vanguard Drive Panel box.  This is the Big Brother of the V Panel Aluminum Box (see that page...)  Made up of 24" wide interlocking vertical panels, it's as easy as loosening & sliding up any panel that has a pipe or other obstruction in it's way as you lower the box into the trench.  Spend your time getting pipe in the ground or making your lateral connection, not dealing with an unstable trench!    So simple, it really is genius...  

Once again, leave it to Kundel to make you more productive!

We'll help keep the trench, & OSHA... off your back!