Titan Series Trench Boxes

Why Kundel Titan Series trench boxes ?

The way the other guys make their boxes is to put the outer skin down on the table, stitch-weld some studs, sockets, cutting edge, etc. and bingo, you have a stitch-welded single-wall box. Not Kundel, Every box is continuously-welded, with most of them exposed. Think about it;  obviously, a continuous weld has to be the strongest method possible.

How about a custom built 12' high x 36' long smooth wall box w/ I Beam  spreaders...

This is a Titan 12" smooth wall box that has been pre-stressed during construction for an outward-bow to resist the load over the long length. At full load, each panel is laser straight, not bowed-in like an inferior stitch welded box would be. 

Nothing works like continous welds... think about it.

Notice the placement of the bottom spreaders; they sit right on the trailer bed, providing perfect clearance top & bottom during transport.   Who else could dream this one up?

No one but Kundel...


We'll help keep the trench, & OSHA... off your back!

The Titan 5 Lite is way to go if you are typically only going 8 to 12 feet deep. This is a great light-weight box for the 40k to 50k size excavators.

Titan Brute series is the box for the serious pipe contractor. Extra heavy-duty through-out. Standard sizes: 8x16 to 10x36. Any size custom.