Smooth Wall Trench Boxes

Some guys just have to have a smooth inner wall box. Thats all they have ever seen, so they think thats the way it should be. Fortunately, the geniuses at Kundel figured a way to make one. Not just one like ever other manaufacturer makes, however. That would be too easy. If Kundel was going to make a smooth wall box, it was going to be a better one. And they have!

We'll help keep the trench, & OSHA... off your back!

All Kundel's smooth wall boxes have their exclusive new solid-cast universal style sockets. The benefit is more racking for faster drivability & easier removal from the trench when under pressure.  Don't be fooled by old-style pipe sockets... They only make a box more rigid, waste time & require more brute force to move the box.

Kundel also uses the though-wall lifting pockets.  These allow for attachement of lifting hooks from either side of the panel & make for easy assembly of the box with an excavator when no fork lift is available.